Letter from the Executive Director: From Counterterrorism to Cooperative Security
Regional CVE Thematic Training in West Africa and the Sahel

Latest Events

The Roles of Women in Countering Violent Extremism: A Lunchtime Discussion with Dr. Edit Schlaffer

To offer an illustrative example of practical efforts to engage women in countering violent extremism (CVE) efforts, the Global Center, in partnership with Women In International Security (WIIS), hosted a lunchtime event with Dr. Edit Schlaffer, Founder and Executive Director of Women Without Borders (WWB) and Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE), a global campaign launched by WWB in 2008. Dr. Schalffer, who is also a social scientist, author, and activist, presented some of SAVE’s work and offered a brief screening of two videos produced by SAVE. The first film video “Your Mother,” captured poignant stories of mothers whose children were involved in acts of terrorism and violent extremism. The second film featured SAVE’s “Mother Schools” project, which works closely with families, especially mothers, to empower them as parents and equip them with the knowledge and tools to identify early signs of grievances, anger, and behaviors that may lead to violent radicalization. Read More

South and Southeast Asia Regional CVE Thematic Training

This training seminar on countering violent extremism (CVE) programming in South and Southeast Asia was designed to strengthen participants’ understanding of the drivers of violent extremism more broadly, and then consider its particular dynamics in the region, and provide actionable tools and good practices for addressing CVE objectives in the context of multidimensional development, justice, and security initiatives. The training focused on identifying and engaging local partners whose work contributes to strengthening resilience against violent extremism, considering what narratives and counter-narratives resonate with local and regional actors, and developing project ideas that contribute to addressing violent extremism in accordance with local context. Read More

Latest Publications

Rethinking International Counterterrorism Assistance to the Greater Horn of Africa: Toward a Regional Risk Reduction Strategy

The Horn of Africa has long been a recipient of foreign security assistance, with significant funds increasingly devoted to supporting subregional civilian-oriented counterterrorism efforts over the past decade. Despite efforts to better coordinate delivery, counterterrorism programming in the subregion generally remains fragmented, short-term, and siloed in implementation. This article argues that it is time to rethink the international community’s approach to counterterrorism assistance to the Horn of Africa and calls for a cohesive regional approach that not only bridges the gap between security and development, but also the gap between counterterrorism and human security. It emphasizes that the international community must not only better coordinate existing streams of counterterrorism assistance to the region, but also rethink how this assistance is designed and the ways it can be delivered to complement broader subregional development and security agendas. Read More

Getting Back to Basics?: Renewing the Mandate of the UN Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate for 2014-2016

The policy brief discusses the role of the Counter-Terrorism Executive Directorate (CTED) and the opportunities presented by the renewal of its mandate before the end of this year to further strengthen and clarify its role in the multilateral counterterrorism framework. It explores recent changes in the multilateral counterterrorism architecture, including the establishment of new entities within and outside the United Nations with a focus on countering terrorism and violent extremism. Read More