The Global Center works to achieve lasting security by advancing inclusive, human rights–based policies, partnerships, and practices to address the root causes of violent extremism. We focus on four mutually reinforcing objectives:
• Supporting communities in addressing the drivers of conflict and violent extremism.
• Advancing human rights and the rule of law to prevent and respond to violent extremism.
• Combating illicit finance that enables criminal and violent extremist organizations.
• Promoting multilateral cooperation and rights-based standards in counterterrorism.
Our global team and network of experts, trainers, fellows, and policy professionals work to conduct research and deliver programming in these areas across sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and South, Central, and Southeast Asia.

Countering Violent Extremism

Criminal Justice and Rule of Law

Financial Integrity and Inclusion

Multilateral Security Policy

Global Center Announces Two New Board Members

The Global Center is pleased to announce two additions to its board, Laila Bokhari and David McGowan. Laila and David will each serve three-year terms, starting in September 2020.

“We are thrilled that Laila and David will be joining our board,” said Rachel Briggs OBE, Chair of the Global Center’s Board of Directors. “They bring the requisite passion and skills to expand the Global Center’s network of partners and thought leaders in diverse sectors.”

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Cooperating With Civil Society to Rehabilitate and Reintegrate Violent Extremist Prisoners

This policy brief explores how government and civil society can advance their cooperation in the rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals convicted and imprisoned for violent extremism or terrorism-related offenses. It presents the current state of cooperation between government and civil society in the rehabilitation and reintegration process, then outlines the potential objectives of further cooperation. For each objective, the brief explores the opportunities and challenges of cooperation for both governments and civil society.
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Blue Sky V: An Independent Analysis of UN Counterterrorism Efforts

The seventh review of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy offers a critical moment to reflect on the UN’s role acting against the changing landscape of security. As the institution marks its 75th anniversary, the global landscape is punctuated by the COVID-19 pandemic, growing authoritarianism, shrinking civic space, and declining support for multilateralism. This report, the fifth in the “Blue Sky” series, explores how the UN’s comparative advantage can be leveraged to improve the policy development, interagency coordination, delivery, and impact of counterterrorism and preventing violent extremism efforts in support of the Strategy. The recommendations focus on (1) calibrating the UN counterterrorism architecture; (2) situating UN counterterrorism efforts within the prevention framework; (3) engaging and supporting civil society; (4) mainstreaming human rights; and (5) assessing the Strategy’s implementation.
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