The Global Center seeks to achieve lasting security by advancing inclusive, human rights–based policies, partnerships, and practices that address the root causes of violent extremism. We provide independent analysis and work with government, civil society, and private sector partners to deliver programming that is globally informed and locally grounded. From our offices in New York, Washington, London, Brussels, and Nairobi, we work with a global network of experts, trainers, fellows, and policy professionals to deliver programming across four areas:

Countering Violent Extremism

Criminal Justice and Rule of Law

Financial Integrity and Inclusion

Multilateral Security Policy

Fifteen-Year Anniversary Message from the Executive Director and Chair of the Board

The threat from violent extremism remains as real today as it was fifteen years ago when the Global Center launched. In many ways, the threat we face now is more complex and we need smart, locally grounded responses to have a meaningful impact.

Since 2004, the Global Center has been doing just that; we have delivered over 250 projects, engaging more than 50 countries and working with hundreds of government, private sector, and civil society partners to address the root causes of violent extremism.

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National Strategies to Prevent and Counter Violent Extremism

Using the guidelines of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism’s “Reference Guide: Developing National and Regional Action Plans to Prevent Violent Extremism” as a common analytical framework, this report is organized around the six procedural components outlined therein as essential in developing inclusive, context-specific, and robust national strategies. Analyzing national strategies against this framework, the report explores whether the procedures and considerations that led to the development of countries’ national strategies meet this standard.
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74th UN General Assembly Highlights

Over the course of the 74th Session of the UN General Assembly, the Global Center hosted, presented, and participated in numerous events and functions aimed at advancing effective policy and practice around countering violent extremism, criminal justice and rule of law, and financial integrity and inclusion. From organizing a panel on safeguarding civil society and humanitarian operations while countering terrorism at the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) to co-hosting a discussion on youth engagement and resilience against violent extremism in the Sahel, the Global Center was able to demonstrate the impact of its work on justice, security, and development, and highlight its cooperation with partners.
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