The government of the Republic of Kenya and the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism jointly convened a high-level conference on counter terrorism and the prevention of violent extremism conducive to terrorism in the African region. The gathering brought together over a thousand participants from national governments, international and regional organizations, and civil society actors, in order to examine the terrorism threats faced by African countries, share good practices and lessons learned, and identify how cooperation can be made more effective.

The Global Center was honored to participate alongside several of its civil society partners from across the African continent. As part of the panel on the roles of youth in addressing violent extremism, Executive Director Eelco Kessels called for sustained and meaningful partnerships with youth by building and leveraging their expertise while addressing all forms of insecurity and inequality they face. “Youth represent one of the most critical actors in the fight against violent extremism – and more broadly in the establishment of peaceful, vibrant, and resilient communities. They are the most targeted and commonly identified as vulnerable, but are among the most vital partners in addressing radicalization to violent extremism.”

Full remarks are available here.


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