CGCC hosted this conference with the goal of focusing attention on cooperative nonmilitary counterterrorism efforts and steps the United States can take to strengthen those efforts. Participants included current senior U.S. and foreign government officials, senior representatives from the United Nations and regional organizations, academic and other nongovernmental experts, and members of CGCC’s international advisory council. The conference highlighted the comparative advantages of multilateral bodies in general and specifically as they relate to efforts to strengthen cooperation in two priority regions for U.S. counterterrorism efforts, South Asia and the Horn of Africa. The conference elicited recommendations aimed at enhancing U.S. multilateral counterterrorism engagement, as well as making these international and regional actors more effective.


Panel remarks:

Raphael Perl, Head, Action Against Terrorism Unit, Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Anneli Botha, Senior Researcher, Institute for Security Studies

General Ved Prakash Malik, President, Observer Research Foundation's Institute of Security Studies

Amal Jayawardane, Executive Director, Regional Centre for Strategic Studies


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