Trainers affiliated with the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) and the Central Bank of Nigeria delivered a three-day training on the analysis of financial intelligence to the leadership and staff of the Ethiopian Financial Intelligence Center (FIC). This training is part of a larger series of workshops and trainings being delivered through the CGCC project “Strengthening Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Capacities in Ethiopia.”

Introductory remarks for the training were delivered by Ms. Fetlework Abrha, Deputy Director General of the FIC and Ms. Liat Shetret, New York Office Director and Senior Analyst. Afterward, Ms. Hadiza Gamawa Zubairu of the NFIU and Ms. Jamila Yusuf of the Central Bank of Nigeria delivered practical training sessions on topics such as the process and workflow for FIU intake, analysis and dissemination for currency, cash and suspicious transaction reports; inter- and intra-agency cooperation and coordination in AML/CFT; compliance and on-site supervision; data and information management; the key considerations in selecting an IT database; and standards for evaluating sources of information, indicators and coding.

At the workshop’s close, Ethiopian FIC participants acknowledged the benefit of their “latecomer advantage” and expressed their gratitude to learn from the Nigerian experience, as the NFIU has overcome similar challenges to those currently faced by the Ethiopian FIC. Ms. Zubairu and Ms. Yusuf indicated that the collaborative training also provided them with an opportunity to learn from the Ethiopian FIC’s experiences, and both parties endeavored to strengthen the cooperation between the Nigerian FIU and the Ethiopian FIC going forward.


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