The Global Center, the Prevention Project: Organizing Against Violent Extremism (Prevention Project), and the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), with the support from the governments of Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and from the European Union, held a side-event during the 73rd Session of the UN General Assembly.

Participants included representatives from civil society organizations, subnational authorities, local police, and researchers, as well as officials from national governments and the United Nations. The discussions focused on identifying good and promising practices as well as barriers to locally-led, multidisciplinary preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) approaches based on partnerships between national, local, and other sub-national stakeholders, including municipalities, local practitioners, and civil society actors.

During the event, the Prevention Project and RUSI launched their report “Roadmap to Progress - The State of the Global P/CVE Agenda,” which takes stock of the progress and challenges in advancing a “whole of society” P/CVE approaches and concludes with a series of practical, policy-relevant recommendations for enhancing its impact. The main focus of the event were eight engaging Ted Talk-like presentations by local practitioners from Australia, Borno State, Canada, Denmark, Kenya, Serbia, Tunisia, and the United States.

The side-event was informed by a closed-door experts’ workshop that took place the day prior, which resulted in a set of recommendations on how to strengthen multi-disciplinary P/CVE efforts and collaboration. These recommendations were presented during the side-event, after eight speakers were asked to share their views and experiences.

A full meeting summary for the side-event can be found here.


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