On behalf of the Ethiopian Financial Intelligence Center, the Global Center convened a meeting of over twenty-five representatives from the Ethiopian public and private sector to discuss the findings of Ethiopia’s national risk assessment (NRA) and advance the development of a risk-based action plan in line with Financial Action Task Force Recommendation 1.

With the World Bank tool and methodology and as part of the NRA process, Ethiopia convened seven working groups to research and conduct a vulnerability assessment of key sectors. Working groups included: (1) Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Predicate Offences; (2) National Vulnerabilities; (3) Banking Sector; (4) Insurance; (5) Other Financial Institutions; (6) Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions; and (7) Financial Inclusion Products. During the finalization workshop, each working group presented their respective findings and report, which were followed by plenary discussions and feedback from facilitators with practical expertise in the conduct and evaluation of NRAs in a wide range of countries. Priorities based on the analysis and conclusions of the NRA were used to inform the development of risk-based action plans for each working group. Facilitators provided feedback on the draft action plans, and shared good practices and experiences from other countries for the formulation of a consolidated national action plan.

Opening remarks were delivered by Ato Gemechu Weyuma Lulesa, Director General, Ethiopian Financial Intelligence Center. The workshop was facilitated by Ms. Liat Shetret, Senior Advisor on Financial Integrity and MENA Programs at the Global Center, Mr. Giuseppe Lombardo, International Strategic Advisor on Financial Integrity, and Mr. Samir Merghoub, Financial Sector Specialist. The workshop was conducted as part of a broader technical assistance program supported by the Government of Denmark to assist Ethiopia in strengthening its capacity to counter illicit financial flows.

For additional information about the workshop or this project, please contact Ms. Tracey Durner at tdurner@globalcenter.org.


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