The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) and the Iraqi Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Finance of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Office, in partnership with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its implementing partner, the Global Center, held a workshop to discuss the implementation process of the recently finalized and soon-to-be adopted Iraqi National AML/CFT Strategy.

The Global Center convened the meeting for Iraqi authorities, including representatives of the CBI, AML/CFT Office, judiciary, interior, intelligence services, and the Prime Minister’s office to identify practical ways to implement the Iraqi AML/CFT Strategy, under the leadership and direction of H.E. Dr. Ali Mohsen Ismail Al-Allaq, the Governor of the CBI.

The roundtable achieved the following: introduction of the Strategy to various Iraqi bodies, formulation of a consensus-driven workplan for implementation; agreement on a division of labor among Iraqi agencies; and selection of timelines and milestones for future work.

This activity is part of an ongoing program supported by Denmark and implemented by partners in Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq—to reinforce their work and partnership in the context of the Counter ISIL Finance Group.

For additional information about this activity, please contact Ms. Liat Shetret,


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