The Global Counterterrorism Forum Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group Co-Chairs, Australia and Indonesia, in collaboration with the Global Center, hosted a workshop on countering violent extremism in prisons. This workshop presented an opportunity for prison policymakers and practitioners at the working-level to share and learn from experiences and good and promising practices in the management of violent extremist offenders (VEOs) and addressing radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism in prisons. The workshop also highlighted the CVE in Prisons Program, a multilateral capacity-development initiative developed by the Global Center in cooperation with the CVE Working Group Co-Chairs.

The presentations and discussions during the workshop covered a variety of prison domains as they relate to VEOs and radicalization to violent extremism, including prison regime and security, intelligence and multi-actor information sharing, risk and needs assessment, rehabilitative interventions, and preparing offenders for reintegration. Participants also discussed the profiles and particularities of violent extremist offenders versus other prisoners, and shared many concrete examples of management and intervention approaches adopted in their prison services.

As part of the workshop, the Global Center and Morocco’s General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration organized a visit for all participants to one of Morocco’s prison facilities outside of Marrakesh, which houses four classifications of inmates, including male, youth, women, and women with children. The leadership of this prison provided a tour through all parts of the facility, briefed participants on the day-to-day management of all their inmates, and explained the specific needs and approaches for particular types of offenders.


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