The Global Counterterrorism Forum Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Working Group Co-Chairs, Australia and Indonesia, in collaboration with the Global Center, hosted a workshop on the CVE challenges of returning foreign terrorist fighters (FTF) and their families. This workshop provided an opportunity for CVE policymakers, practitioners, experts, and civil society organizations to discuss the challenges of rehabilitating and reintegrating returnees, relocators, and their families as well as effective and inclusive approaches in this regard.

The presentations and discussions during the workshop covered a variety of subjects in handling returning and relocating FTFs and their families, including special considerations to age, gender, and motivations in the profile of returnees, approaches to risk and needs assessments, rehabilitation and reintegration programs, and the role of communities through public-private partnerships and prevention networks. Also the workshop featured a tabletop exercise as part of the last day, where Participants were divided in smaller groups and tasked with developing a coordinated, cross-sectional, and multidisciplinary rehabilitation and reintegration plan based on a fictitious scenario, taking into account age and gender considerations.

The workshop, presentations, and discussions were summarized with a view to support the development of an Addendum to the GCTF Good Practices on Women and Countering Violent Extremism, which will focus on mainstreaming gender in CVE efforts.


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