The Global Center, with the expert support of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate, organized a three-day national study visit in Tunis hosted by the chief justice of the Supreme Court of Tunisia. The visit was conducted by an international delegation comprised of supreme court justices from Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa, as well as regional and international judicial networks.

The national study visit is the first of two visits at the national level for a project titled “Supporting Senior Judicial Officials in Leading a Criminal Justice Response to Terrorism: Europe, Middle East, and North Africa.” The project, funded by the European Commission, is aimed at supporting a rule of law–based criminal justice response to terrorism by creating a forum of exchange and debate among justices from the European-Mediterranean region. Successful strategies and ongoing challenges based on the country context will be shared during a final high-level roundtable meeting.

The visit served as an occasion for the international delegation to discuss and debate Tunisia’s legal framework for handling terrorism cases as part of its democratic transition. The delegation met with supreme court justices and explored procedural issues faced by trial and appellate judges handling terrorism-related crimes. Meetings were held with the prosecutor general and representatives of the justice and foreign affairs ministries. Key topics included the draft antiterrorism bill currently before Tunisian legislators, the interpretation of national laws in line with international standards and counterterrorism instruments, protecting the rights of the accused while guarding national security interests, the foreign terrorist fighters phenomenon, and the rights and protection of victims and witnesses.

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