The Global Center organized three panel discussions during the 7th International Conference on the Training of the Judiciary which focused on the role of judicial training academies in supporting judges to improve their handling of terrorism cases. Panelists represented countries from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America and included a senior representative of the UN Counter-Terrorism Committee. The conference was attended by representatives of judicial academies from over 100 countries. The panels were designed to emphasize the important role of judicial academies in delivering specialized context-specific support to their judiciaries. The importance of a strong and independent judiciary that can fairly and expeditiously adjudicate terrorism and other national security offenses, in full respect of international law and human rights principles, was a central theme. Educational concepts, good practice documents, such as the Global Counterterrorism Forum Hague Memorandum on Good Practices for the Judiciary in Adjudicating Terrorism Offenses, and training methodologies were discussed. The Global Center’s work with academies in East Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia was featured.


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