Within the realm of terrorism, women can play the role of sympathizer, mobilizer, ideologue, preventer, and perpetrator. Therefore, women as a group must be considered during the development of effective policies and programs to prevent terrorism and counter violent extremism. CGCC hosted a special panel and roundtable discussion to explore these dynamic roles and exchange lessons learned and insights from related fields that have engaged women, such as conflict resolution, peace-building, development, and human rights.

There appears to be some consensus at the normative level to include a gender perspective in counterterrorism, but there is little clarity of what this means at the operational level, especially regarding interactions between women’s groups, civil society actors, and counterterrorism practitioners. Furthermore, where efforts have been made to include a gender perspective, it would be useful to develop a monitoring and evaluation framework to ensure that the lessons are integrated into future program design and to identify and limit any unintended consequences. Participants included key stakeholders from the United Nations, member states, and representatives from academia, civil society, and the expert community.


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