The Global Center delivered its second pilot training course on the use and protection of intelligence in criminal investigations and prosecutions at the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law (IIJ). The course was designed by Amicus Legal Consultants and facilitated by expert practitioners from the United Kingdom and France. Over the course of the training, representatives from the judiciary, police, and intelligence services of Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Niger, and Tunisia actively engaged with issues pertaining to the acquisition, evaluation, use, and protection of intelligence in terrorism-related investigations and prosecutions. Lessons covered key principles and good practices on using intelligence effectively in criminal proceedings in accordance with the rule of law while protecting the rights of the accused, including those outlined in the GCTF Rabat Memorandum.

The 5-day program, offered in English and French, was based on one of two training curricula the Global Center has been developing in partnership with the IIJ under a project funded by the United States. The curricula incorporate blended and experiential learning methods and are intended to promote critical thinking and support skill development of both practitioners and trainers.

Through the use of computer-based immersive exercises, participants were confronted with real-time unfolding scenarios of a counterterrorism investigation, in which they were tasked with making and rationalizing critical decisions on the collection, dissemination, analysis, and protection of intelligence information. Throughout the week, the teams immersed themselves in key aspects of dealing with sensitive information, including financial intelligence, the use of special investigative methods, and applying international human rights safeguards. Debriefs serve in highlighting key issues and provide the basis for substantive instructor presentations and discussion of lessons learned.


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