CGCC cohosted the workshop with the Institute of South Asian Studies to explore the roles of civil society and multilateral actors in promoting regional security cooperation in South Asia. The primary focus of the workshop was cooperative approaches to countering terrorism and violent extremism. The workshop also offered an opportunity to enhance the skills and capacities of civil society organizations and strengthen collaboration among them throughout South Asia.

Among the key issues considered were the media’s role in creating or mitigating an atmosphere conducive to the spread of extremism and terrorism, the role of women in addressing crucial development and security issues that might underscore grievances that lead to terrorism, the efforts of think tanks to forge national and regional strategies promoting a whole-of-government approach to counterterrorism issues, and the ways in which efforts to promote better governance, the rule of law, and human rights underscore and contribute to these initiatives.

Future workshops will discuss the potential for greater engagement by civil society in preventing and combating terrorism in South Asia and interactions among civil society groups that can help to build confidence and improve security cooperation among states in the region.


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