The Government of Canada, as part of the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF) Working Group on Countering Violent Extremism, hosted a two-day international symposium on measuring the effectiveness of CVE programming. Organized by the Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation (CGCC) and Public Safety Canada, the symposium further developed the discussions from the “Colloquium on Measuring the Effectiveness in Counterterrorism Programming,” held in Ottawa on 9-10 February 2012.

The primary objects achieved over the two-day meeting were: taking stock of experiences and lessons learned to date; identifying good practices and effective programming; and developing knowledge products for use in evaluating CVE programming.

The symposium focused more deeply on evaluating CVE efforts and sharing good practices to inform the design and further development of projects and programming undertaken by governments, practitioners, and civil society. The symposium provided an invaluable foundation for policymakers and practitioners pursuing CVE programming and will contribute to a compendium of good practices on CVE programs and evaluation.  Participants included senior representatives from GCTF member state and other governments, law enforcement officers, senior UN counterterrorism officials, academics, and civil society.


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