he Global Center, in close partnership with the Délégation générale à l'administration pénitentiaire et à la reinsertion (DGAPR) delivered training for 50 new recruits staff of the National Training Academy of the Moroccan prison service. Following the implementation of the training, the National Training Academy went on to successfully deliver basic training to the remaining 450 new recruits of the National Training Academy. Upon successful implementation of the training to all new recruits, and following a formal monitoring and evaluation process, the training was adopted as part of the standard basic training of new recruits of the Moroccan prison administration.

The training, co-developed by international practitioners from the Global Center in cooperation with expert trainers from the Moroccan prison service, has the objective of sensitizing Moroccan prison staff to challenge of radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism in prisons, and providing basic guidance to new recruits to sensitize them on their role in preventing and countering violent extremism in prisons, and the role of prison staff in promoting positive practices which reinforce positive staff-prisoner relationships.

Since 2016 the Global Center has partnered with DGAPR and its National Training Academy to develop, deliver, monitor and evaluate a series of staff training programs on managing terrorism offenders and identifying and addressing radicalization and recruitment to violent extremism in prisons in the Kingdom of Morocco. These activities form part of the Global Center’s Countering Violent Extremism in Prisons (CVE-P) program, tailored versions of which are also implemented in Indonesia and Kenya. The CVE-P Program is supported by the governments of the United Kingdom, Canada, The Netherlands, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand.


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