The Global Center and InterAction’s Together Project, with support from the Government of Norway, hosted a panel discussion on supporting a human rights-based approach to countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) efforts. The event featured a presentation of the key points from the Global Center’s recent policy brief Untangling a Marriage of Convenience, followed by a panel discussion on CFT efforts and unintended consequences that can occur in the absence of human rights-adherent and risk-informed implementation. Panelists were Danny Glaser of the Financial Integrity Network, who was previously Assistant Secretary for Terrorism Financing and Financial Crimes with the U.S. Treasury;  Jessica Davis, President and principal consultant at Insight Threat Intelligence who previously served in various Canadian security and intelligence capacities; and Tracey Durner and Danielle Cotter of the Global Center. Participants included representatives of non-profit and humanitarian aid organizations, as well as the private sector.


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