The Group of Friends of Preventing Violent Extremism, chaired by the governments of Norway and Jordan, hosted an open meeting to discuss the threat of violent right-wing extremism, followed by a screening of the documentary film “White Right-Meeting the Enemy.” Opening statements were delivered by the Permanent Representatives of the governments of Jordan and Norway to the United Nations, followed by remarks by Emmy Award winning film director Deeyah Khan, Law Student and survivor of the 2011 Utøya attack Viiljar Hanssen, Under-Secretary General of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism Vladimir Voronkov, and Global Center Senior Fellow Peter Romaniuk. The panel discussion was moderated by Global Center Executive Director Eelco Kessels, and can be viewed on UN Web TV.

The discussions focused on personal experiences with violent right-wing extremism, highlighting the importance of preventive efforts and the potential roles of the United Nations in responding to violent right-wing extremism. The complexity of the issue of violent right-wing extremism and its many definitional challenges were highlighted, as well as the need for a balanced approach that considers local factors and international linkages. The powerful personal testimony by Utoya survivor Viljar Hanssen and the gripping interactions with violent right-wing extremists of documentary maker Deeyah Khan reminded the audience of the human impact of terrorism and the importance of addressing root causes that drive diverse forms of violent extremism.

Photo source: United Nations News & Media


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