The government of the Philippines hosted the Global Counterterrorism Forum Detention and Reintegration Working Group’s workshop which was co-chaired by the governments of Australia and Indonesia, and was co-organized by the Global Center. Presentations and interactive discussions centered on six main themes, including: 1) good practices on effective risk assessment and classification tools for high security prisoners; 2) the types of risk assessments tools available specifically for violent extremist offenders, as distinguished from general violent offenders; 3) establishing standard operating procedures for information-gathering and processing for use in risk assessments; 4) translating risk assessments into action; 5) trainings for staff and stakeholders who might come into contact with terrorist offenders and impact the risk assessment process; and 6) how to apply risk assessments to returning foreign terrorist fighters.

Key outcomes included the following: 1) risk assessors should strive to collect as much information on offenders as possible, including from family members, friends, mental health evaluations, and police reports; 2) risk assessments are dependent on building trust with the offender to overcome any reticence of sharing information; 3) multiple people should be involved in the collection and analysis of information for risk assessments in order to protect against bias and misconceptions; 4) to minimize the potential risk and harm to all those involved in the risk assessment process, strict vetting and training must be implemented.

The final day of the workshop included a group exercise that allowed participants to apply their knowledge of risk assessment design and implementation to two case studies of violent extremist offenders. A total of 98 participants attended the workshop, representing 25 countries and 6 organizations.


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