The government of Kenya hosted the Global Counterterrorism Forum Detention and Reintegration Working Group's “Workshop on Education, Life Skill Courses, and Vocational Training for Incarcerated Violent Extremist Offenders.” The workshop was co-chaired by the governments of Australia and Indonesia, and was co-organized by the Global Center. The workshop concentrated on the design, implementation, and evaluation of cognitive skills programs, basic education courses, and vocational training that can be offered to violent extremist offenders (VEOs) during imprisonment, as part of their rehabilitation programming. Presentations and interactive discussions centered on six main themes, including: the initial assessments of VEOs as a method to comprehend their background and needs in prison; the provision of basic education in prison; vocational skills development and employment assistance for VEOs; psychological and spiritual development of VEOs; the role of arts, sports, and culture; and the training, vetting, and monitoring of prison staff and volunteers providing the programs. A total of 60 participants attended the workshop representing 12 countries and 10 organizations.


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