The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Japan Institute of International Affairs hosted the fourth workshop in the “International Process on Global Counter-Terrorism Cooperation” series, cosponsored by Turkey, Costa Rica, Japan, Slovakia, and Switzerland and supported by CGCC. The aim of the fourth workshop was to allow for reflections on the earlier workshops and an opportunity to focus sustained attention on capacity building, which the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy recognizes as a “core element” of the global counterterrorism effort. The event allowed some 40 experts representing states, multilateral bodies, and civil society to engage in a discussion of the role of states, regional bodies and mechanisms, and the United Nations in enhancing Strategy-related capacity building, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia. The workshop provided an opportunity not only to reflect on the performance of these actors in assessing vulnerabilities and delivering and facilitating Strategy-related capacity-building assistance in traditional and nontraditional counterterrorism areas, but to consider ways in which the overall effort could be strengthened.


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