CGCC organized this workshop to include representatives from the United Nations and relevant regional and subregional organizations and researchers and other nongovernmental experts from North Africa and Europe. It was the precursor to a larger, follow-on meeting CGCC planned to organize in North Africa in 2010, to which government representatives from the subregion and partner countries would be invited. The workshop considered the threats and vulnerabilities to terrorism in North Africa as well as national, subregional, regional, and international efforts to address them. The participants discussed the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in a subregional context, considering the potential opportunities it offers for, among other things, enhancing counterterrorism cooperation and capacity building in the subregion and its overall preparedness to combat terrorism, as well as for stimulating more coherent and effective engagement by the United Nation and other external partners in the subregion on issues related to terrorism and counterterrorism.


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