CGCC and Nahdatul Ulama cohosted this workshop to raise awareness of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy among civil society in Southeast Asia and explore the possibilities for greater civil society participation in efforts to implement the global framework across the region in a manner that reflects the local contexts, needs, and priorities. Participants in the workshop included representatives from civil society from across Southeast Asia working on an array of issues related to Strategy implementation. The workshop aimed to build on the contributions of civil society to furthering human security in Southeast Asia and lay the foundations for the development of a civil society network related to the issues covered in the Strategy.


Press Coverage:

Gov’t Told to Give Space to Civil Society in Combating Terrorism,” 18 November 2009

The UN and Civil Society’s Role in Countering Terrorism,” 18 November 2009

War Against Terror in Southeast Asia,” 18 November 2009


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