The Federal Attorney General of Ethiopia has published a training and implementation manual on anti-money laundering and countering the financing of terrorism (AML/CFT) investigations and prosecutions. The manual reflects an ongoing commitment on the part of Ethiopia to strengthen its ability to identify and combat financial crimes. It was developed with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa and in consultation with the Global Center.

The manual provides a comprehensive overview of the structure and legal framework of Ethiopia’s AML/CFT regime, including a discussion of key actors, domestic and international laws and regulations, prevention mechanisms, investigation techniques, asset freezing and confiscation, and international legal cooperation. Its primary author, Mr. Biniam Shiferaw Ayalew, is an Ethiopian AML/CFT expert and consultant with the Global Center. The manual was peer-reviewed by a committee of practitioners from the Ethiopian Federal Attorney General and other international experts. It is available in both Amharic and English for use in ongoing training and awareness-raising programs.

The manual will be accompanied by a practitioners’ guide that seeks to equip practitioners with supplemental tools and information on conducting financial crimes investigations, including financial analysis, forensic accounting, and information-gathering techniques in a manner that complies with international human rights standards. The guide also features case studies and exercises to help illustrate and apply the information presented.

These materials are prepared under a broader AML/CFT capacity development program supported by the Government of Denmark and facilitated by the Global Center in partnership with the Ethiopian Financial Intelligence Center and the Ethiopian Federal Attorney General.

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