The Global Center, in coordination with Carefronting Nigeria and the Kenya Community Support Centre, has launched a program aimed at mitigating threats of violent extremism in Kenya and Nigeria by empowering youth leaders to address the grievances that can lead to violence. Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the program will strengthen the capacity of youth leaders and youth-focused civil society organizations (CSOs) through workshops and trainings and by deepening existing networks and partnerships of young civil society leaders within and between Kenya and Nigeria to support peer-to-peer information sharing and country exchanges.

A key component of the program will focus on the distribution of small grants to local CSOs based in select regions in Kenya and Nigeria to pilot new countering violent extremism (CVE) approaches or build on existing CVE work. We invite interested CSOs from the two countries to submit proposals as outlined in the guidelines below. The implementation of these small grants will be closely supported and monitored by the project partners.

Please click here for submission guidelines.

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