The Global Center has commissioned a research project to examine the various modalities of cooperation between the United Nations and the Global Counterterrorism Forum (GCTF).

Since its inception, one of the GCTF’s primary objectives has been to support practical initiatives which build capacity to implement the UN counterterrorism framework, including the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. Particularly since 2018, the GCTF and the United Nations have collaborated more closely, including through regular meetings between the GCTF Co-Chairs and UN counterterrorism bodies and the United Nations co-leading a good practice memoranda and policy toolkit.

The research project, led by Dr. Bibi van Ginkel, seeks to understand the existing mechanisms, stakeholder experiences, and successes and challenges of this collaboration. The research process will include the review of key framework documents and existing mechanisms for cooperation between the two bodies. A survey will be distributed to a broad range of stakeholders, including UN entities, GCTF members, implementing partners, and civil society representatives to solicit views and experiences on the nature and effectiveness of cooperation between the two entities, and to identify opportunities, challenges, and risks. Findings from the desk research, survey results, and small group consultations will be presented in a policy brief, which will include a set of recommendations.


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