As governments deal with the challenge of violent extremist offenders and returning foreign terrorist fighters inside and outside the prison system, they must develop rehabilitation and reintegration programs that enable reentry into society. Such efforts require multi-disciplinary partnerships, including with civil society organizations (CSOs) who are well-placed to facilitate the aspects of programming and community engagement necessary for effective rehabilitation and reintegration. The Global Center, with support from the government of Australia, has undertaken a project to explore the role of CSOs in efforts to rehabilitate and reintegrate those associated with and affected by violent extremism, particularly in Southeast Asia, the Greater Horn of Africa, and the Sahel. The Global Center will convene an expert-level workshop in New York in spring 2018 for key stakeholders, including UN representatives, member state officials, CSOs, practitioners, and experts to discuss (1) the elements needed for a comprehensive rehabilitation and reintegration strategy, (2) how CSOs can best contribute to rehabilitation and reintegration efforts, and (3) challenges and opportunities for CSOs in this regard and how national governments and the international community can most effectively engage and support them. The proceedings of the workshop and other related activities will inform the development of a policy brief to be released in early summer 2018, in advance of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy Review.

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