Over the last decade, a consensus has grown among governments, experts, and civil society actors that efforts to counter terrorism without acknowledging and addressing the drivers of violent extremism are likely to be counterproductive, and could increase political marginalization of communities and make vulnerable segments of those communities (such as un- or under-employed youth) susceptible to the allure of violent ideologies. Starting January 2015 for a period of 16 months, this project aims to address the limited number of national initiatives focusing on countering violent extremism by supporting government officials in the IGAD region of East Africa in deepening prevention capacities including by partnering with civil society actors and communities in order to build resilience against violent extremism. The Global Center and the IGAD Security Sector Program will jointly realize a number of deliverables to enhance cooperation between governmental and nongovernmental actors and strengthen the effectiveness of policies aimed at preventing and countering violent extremism.

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