Global Center Wins Award for Innovative Approaches to Global Policy Challenges

Date : 12 December 2019

The Global Center received the Innovators Award in Global Affairs in the Security & Defense category, for addressing the root causes of violent extremism with innovative, inclusive, and human rights-based policies, partnerships, and practices. The Awards, sponsored by Network 20/20 and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, recognize those individuals and organizations at the forefront of delivering pioneering solutions to global policy challenges in the fields of sustainability, civic engagement, security, humanitarian aid, and financial inclusion.

“The Innovators Award is an encouraging testament to our dedicated team of young professionals and their work with community groups and youth organizations all across the world,” said Global Center Executive Director Eelco Kessels. “It highlights the impact that our organization and global network of experts have in a field where outdated, security-driven approaches often stand in the way of lasting solutions that are driven by communities and address real grievances.”

As the Global Center moves into a new stage of growth and development, we ask for your support to remain agile, independent, and innovative, ensuring that our programs reach those that most need our support and can make a difference in their communities.

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