CGCC, the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), and the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism (ICCT), brought together a diverse group of criminal justice experts and practitioners to explore innovative and practical approaches to inform the development of a curricula for the future Tunis-based International Institute of Justice and the Rule of Law. The meeting was attended by criminal justice officials, diplomats, expert scholar- practitioners, jurists and law enforcement officers from across the globe.


Meeting Summary


List of Participants

Discussion Paper -- ENGFRA



Day One - 10 April 2013

Session II - Principles and Objectives for Good Curriculum Design

Session III - Developing a Core Rule of Law Course Offering

Session IV - Curriculum Development Challenges for Prosecutors and Investigating Judges: Good Practices, Opportunities, and Challenges

Session V - Curriculum Design for Judges: Good Practices, Opportunities, and Challenges

Session VI - Curriculum Design for Police: Good Practices, Opportunities, and Challenges

Day Two - 11 April 2013

Session I - Curriculum Development Challenges for Correctional Officers: Good Practices, Opportunities, and Challenges

Session II - Public Engagement and Awareness When Developing Rule of Law and Criminal Justice Sector Curricula

Session III – Working to inform the curriculum development process: learning from existing training models


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