The Global Center (UK) is a registered charity in the United Kingdom that works closely with its U.S. counterparts on criminal justice, countering violent extremism, corrections, and rule of law programming that promotes responsive, fair, and accessible justice and security systems to help address a range of complex security challenges, safeguard human rights, and promote sustainable development.

The Global Center offices work with governments, international organizations, and civil society actors worldwide to develop and implement comprehensive and viable responses to these multifaceted issues through collaborative policy research, context-sensitive programming, and capacity development. Through these efforts, the Global Center fosters stronger multilateral partnerships and convenes key stakeholders to support integrated and inclusive security policies at the local, national, and global level.

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Breadth of Expertise

Working in cooperation with a vast network of consultants as well as Global Center counterparts in Washington and New York, the Global Center (UK) focuses on delivering practitioner capability and criminal justice policy experience in the following areas:

  • Design and delivery of capacity-building programs through practical and immersive exercises and training courses for judges, attorneys, correctional officers, investigators, and senior officials dealing with terrorism-related cases.
  • Program, project management, and implementation in the areas of countering violent extremism (CVE) and criminal justice, including
  • Supporting rule-of-law based and human rights compliant approaches to preventing and countering violent extremism;
  • Facilitating the development of CVE strategies and programs through engaging governmental and civil society actors and connecting security and development agendas;
  • Providing technical assistance and capacity-building support to corrections systems to effectively manage violent extremist offenders and identify, prevent, and mitigate radicalization within prisons;
  • Developing innovative risk assessment and intervention evaluation protocols and procedures for violent extremists; and
  • Designing and implementing multi-stakeholder training programs aimed at rehabilitating and reintegrating violent extremist offenders and returned foreign terrorist fighters.
  • Providing CVE, law enforcement, and corrections specialists as trainers and mentors.
  • Evaluations, needs analyses, and country assessments.

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